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US We are a firm dedicated to corporate operative strategy, with emphasis on commercial planning and marketing, ensuring an increment in sales and profitability for our customers.
STARTING RULES • Listen to customers and understand their needs • Translate expectations and clarify customer deliverables • Achieve results through people • Identifying resources, tools and technologies that are really needed •Streamline the organization with practical experience, modern strategies with real and appropiate proposals
Be the firm of commercial strategy and operative marketing leader in the Latin American market. MISION
Develop operationally feasible strategies for our clients with organizational sensitivity and business sense. VALUES LEADERSHIP
Being an external entity capable of leading businesses working groups, up to complete organizations, and unify them into one goal. OBJECTIVITY
Propose plans that add value to customers that are feasible to implement, talk with previous analysis, issue judgments based on facts and figures to generate views of the current state. ANTICIPATION
Generate deliverables based on our methodology, in line with the work plan agreed with the customer, to anticipate possible challenges with immediate solution proposals. SENSE OF URGENCY
Immediate actions and committed to achieving the targets in the set time manner. Any hour, day or week untapped, becomes a lag to achieve the planned objectives. HONESTY
Be transparent in our behavior, procedures and deliverables. The integrity of our staff is reflected in the compromise, as in the punctuality and its work habits.
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